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Website Updates

Updates Section

This page contains information about the
major and recent updates made to this website.

(Latest Updates at the End)



Nov. 1998 Created the first ever version of 'Corr-Blimey' website.

Jan. 1999 Changed ISP servers and took the opportunity to revamp the website.

  Increased the number of pictures found on the website to over 100.

  Added a Tour section detailing the 1998/99 Corrs UK Tour.

March 1999 Updated the Biography, Discography, Lyrics and Sounds pages.

  Added more articles from a variety of sources.

  Created a 1999 Calendar Page section to the website, detailing the 12-page calendar available.

June 1999 Compiled a Merchandise Section to cater for the wider range of Corrs products now available.

  Added more articles from a variety of sources.

  Compiled a awards section detailing the awards that The Corrs have won since starting their music career.

  Updated The Corrs News pages.

  Added the results from the FHM Sexiest Woman Poll into 'The Corrs Awards' section.

July 1999 Created a "Party In The Park" concert section including a new picture gallery for their performance at the event..

  Added more pictures, articles and general information from a variety of sources.

  Updated the Merchandise Page to include the new books that were now available.

August 1999 Increased the number of pictures found on the website to over 500, separating them into various picture gallery sections.

  Updated The Corrs News pages.

  Added more articles from a variety of sources.

  Updated the Links section, providing information about a higher number of websites, newsgroups, mailing lists, chat-rooms and message boards.

Sept. 1999 Revamped the website from scratch, improving the layout, navigation and various sections of the site.

  Added more articles from a variety of sources.

  Updated The Corrs News pages.

  Updated the Corrs Diary pages.

  Improved the Search Engines Section of the website, including a broad selection of various search facilities using various engines available on the Internet.

  Created a On-Line Shopping Search Engines Section, including a search facility to all the major on-line shopping channels available on the Internet.

March 2000 Updated the news and diary sections.

June 2000 Registered a domain name for the website:

  Massive update to website, added new features, pictures, news, link banners, buttons etc.

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